4 Most Successful Baseball Teams in United States

4 Most Successful Baseball Teams in United States

In United States, baseball can be considered as the most popular sport. Each year, Major League Baseball or MLB holds World Series Championships. There are several teams that are exceptionally successful compared to others, with continuous sell out games and many achievements. This article will elaborate some of them.

You can read the information about each team on the following list below:
• St. Louis Cardinals: this team is under the Central Division. It was first established in 1882. Starting from 1990, this team has been known with the name the Cardinals. This team has won ten World Series Championships with the most recent trophy was in 2006. They began their achievement in 1926, being one of the first team that won World Series within their first season. This team’s biggest rival is Chicago Cubs.

• Philadelphia Phillies: this team is under Eastern Division. It was first founded in 1883. Even though their achievement in World Series in only several times, with the most recent win in 2008 team are currently emerging to be one among the most successful baseball teams within Eastern Division. Their biggest rival is New York Mets. They manages to surpass 100 respective sell outs game and for the past several years has earned a huge fan base.

• Boston Red Sox: this team can be considered as one among the best teams in Eastern Division. It was first established in 1901. Initially, it was named as Red Stockings, but the name was changed to Red Sox in 1908. This team has won 7 World Series Championships, with the most recent win in 2007. It has the most historic rivalry within professional sport in North America with Yankees. Red Sox always manages to sell out their home game, making this team one among the most successful teams in MLB.

• New York Yankees: this team has become the top team within East Division for years. It was first established in 1901 in Baltimore as Baltimore Orioles. In 1913, it was renamed with New York Yankees. This team has won 27 World Series Championships. Yankees has welcomed a lot of huge names of all times, including Yogi Berra, Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig.

The previous list has explained some of the most successful baseball team in United States. Every team has their own uniqueness in term of playing on the field and you can start to support the one that suit you the most.

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