5 Things You Need to Know About Major League Baseball

5 Things You Need to Know About Major League BaseballBaseball is a very popular sport around the world. In United States, this sport is particularly popular, making its major league the biggest dream of every baseball player. In this article, we will explain briefly regarding some interesting the facts about Major Baseball League for those who are new to baseball world and want to learn more.

The following list will explain about some information regarding Major League Baseball.
• Major League Baseball or MLB consists of 2 leagues called the National League and the American League. In every league. There are 3 divisions and 15 teams. Those teams’ owners will elect a commissioner that will manages the league.
• Every team possess a system called farm system. This systems is a sequence of teams in minor-league in which the players are currently on various development stages. It forms a breeding systems for the players for big league. Every team scouts candidates to pick amateur talent from college programs and US high school, sometimes even going as far as Asia and Latin America.
• Usually a season of MLB has 162 games in total. Majority of the games are run in a given league of a team. Even so, there are interleague play’s stretches (mostly two games stretches, within the mid third of season. MLB usually runs at least an interleague match every day. In 2002, a novel format introduced by MLB, where teams are rotated to play interleague matches against teams from various divisions regardless of the year.
• The winner of every division will advance to the championship playoff round of the league’s division, together with the team that is deemed as wild card (best record compared to non-division winners. The one who win 2 divisional series will meet in the series of league championship. The one who sin the league championship will advance to World Series.
• Every team is led by a coaching staff and on-field manager. Each team has 25 players under the active roster. The GM or general manager is responsible for the business and baseball parts of the team. He is responsible to assemble the team, trade and draft players, negotiate contracts, and other important duties.

Those are several things that you need to know about baseball league in United States. The rule of the game is the same with other baseball games around the world. The difference is only in the league systems, which has been explained on the list above.

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