American Baseball The Trivia

American Baseball: The TriviaBaseball has been one of the most popular sports in the United States of America alongside basketball, boxing, and American football. It is because this excellent sport activity is so attractive and exciting at once. Then, it also has so many interesting facts about the American baseball that you cannot ignore at all. So, do you feel so curious about them? If you do, it will be so much better for you to figure them out below.

Furthermore, there are various nice facts that you have to know about the American baseball, such as: This one trivia will send you back to 1923 when Clarence Blethen, who was known so well as a rookie pitcher of the Red Sox at the time, got injured because of his own false teeth. It could happen as he thought that it would be a little bit ridiculous to let his teeth out when pitching. So then, he kept the teeth inside of his back pocket. Unfortunately, he forgot about it when he wanted to run the bases. So, it made his false teeth bite his butt when he got down. Moreover, the other fact that you have to know is Jimmy Piersall ran backwards on the fifth inning of a game versus Phillies. He did that in order to celebrate his 100th home run of his long career. Yet, there was nothing to be worried about because he could still run to the base on the right direction while doing that.

Thus, there are some of the fun trivia that might show you the different side of the American baseball. All of them can really make you fall in love with this sport instantly once you have ever enjoyed it. So, it is a kind of very nice idea for you to watch a baseball match, so that you can find so many more surprises that will please you so well.

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