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Around The Blogs: Catch Up Edition

Posted on August 22, 2012 at 11:43 AM
Way back in the history of this blog, I used to do a little "around the blogs" kind of link post to see what else was writing about.  I've gotten a number of links in my mailbox and wanted to highlight some other posts, so I'm dusting off the concept and seeing if it still runs.

First off, you need to head over to I70 Baseball and read Bill's tribute to his father, who passed at the beginning of the month.  Baseball has that timeless way of connecting generations, either through playing the game together or just following the professionals that play it.  I know that had to be a tough thing for Bill to write, but I'm glad that he did it.

Over at a different site in the Ivie League Productions universe, you'll find fantasy expert Daniel Aubain writing about some players that might be on your league's waiver wire that could give you a boost down the stretch.  That includes Cardinals Jon Jay and Jaime Garcia, both of whom look like they could have strong Septembers.

Chris Jaffe always has some great stuff over at The Hardball Times and this month has been no exception.  Earlier in August, he had the details on the 40th anniversary of a walk-off inside-the-park home run that the Cards used to beat the Mets in the 13th inning.  Today, well, today is the 30th anniversary of "Brummer stole home!", Glenn Brummer's most memorable moment in the big leagues.  Also today: it's been 5000 days since Edgar Renteria was traded to St. Louis, this day in 1957 Stan Musial's consecutive game streak came to a halt, the Cards signed Tommy Herr in 1974, Mark McGwire debuted in 1986 and hit a 504-foot home run against the Mets in 1999, and in 2009 St. Louis won its 10,000th game.  It's a big day, isn't it?

Chris Trew is a comedian who is making the rounds of all the ballparks.  Recently he headed to St. Louis and you can read about his trip (complete with pictures) over here.

The gang at Big Leagues Monthly have gotten the second edition of their fabulous e-mag up on their site.  Even though it has a Cub on the front of it, there's still excellent writing inside.  You'll remember that William Tasker talked about this magazine in our Conversation (and if you've not heard it, cue it up and listen!) and you'll find him writing about Derek Jeter in this one.  (I've been asked to get something together for next month for them and I'm hoping I can do that and get to at least their bare minimum threshold of quality.)

Taking a look at more of the United Cardinal Bloggers, Tara gets the fun task of breaking down last night's game over at Aaron Miles' Fastball.  As she notes with the title, Adam Wainwright's game last night not only was spectacular, but it gave yet another day of rest to a bullpen that got taxed so heavily on Sunday.  Adam Wainwright, the definition of "team player."

Jon took a look at the Jake Westbrook extension over at Redbird Dugout.  I really thought it was interesting what Jon found about Westbrook's ERA as it related to the different shortstops that have played behind him in St. Louis.  As long as you have someone to plug that hole, odds are Westbrook is going to be OK.

You can always find something interesting over at Redbird Rants and today you can find a recap of last night's game and Daniel Solzman talking about what the rest of the season holds for St. Louis.  It is hard to believe that we are less than 10 days away from September, isn't it?

Dennis has been busy recently over at Pitchers Hit Eighth.  (Actually, he's busy over there a lot, not just recently.)  You can find from the past two days an analysis of the Westbrook deal plus a discussion about Jay in center.  Good stuff all the way around.

Pip is also talking about the Westbrook extension over at Fungoes and, while he's not as fond of it as some others, he doesn't dismiss it as a false step either.  Pip notes that Westbrook's FIP is out of line with previous years, meaning he's likely having a career year and will regress.  Something that Pip didn't address is the fact that Westbrook lost a lot of weight and came to camp in such good shape.  Does that create a "new normal"?  I don't know and there's not enough data to draw a conclusion, but I'd say there's a little bit better chance that he's closer to 2012 than his prior numbers next season.

There is a discussion post up at Future Redbirds today debating who should be the top prospect in the Cardinal organization.  As the UCB will be doing their Top 7 Prospects project next month, that could be a thread to keep an eye on.

While we are talking links, I want to again plug the UCB's Bird's Eye View.  It comes right to your email box and it's a great way to preview a series from the voices of the Cardinal bloggers you know and love.  The Houston version has been delayed, but Bob Netherton of On The Outside Corner should have that out this afternoon, so you still have time to get signed up before it comes out!

Finally, if you've been following me or others on Twitter, you know that the second annual UCB Weekend is coming up September 8 and 9.  The Cardinals have graciously invited many of the bloggers to a Q&A session and then to stick around and watch Sunday's game.  Saturday night, we'll be convening at Patrick's Restaurant and Sports Bar (also known as St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame Bar & Grill) at 6 pm.

It's likely to be the biggest congregation of Cardinal bloggers ever.  I know that many of the members mentioned above are going.  We're going to have all three of the Pitchers Hit Eighth guys, at least two of the Aaron Miles' Fastball girls, both Cardinal historians and even more luminaries and talented writers.

We've booked one of the larger rooms and are encouraging our Twitter followers and blog readers to join us for the evening.  If you are interested in coming, let me know in the comments or via email so we can keep an eye on the projected numbers.  Last year, we ran out of room and we'd like not to do that this year!  Come out--I'd like to shake your hand and thank you for reading the site!

Changes At Baseball Digest

Posted on April 14, 2010 at 12:19 PM
As you know, I started writing a little ditty over at Baseball Digest this week.  The man who brought me into the fold was Bill Ivie, who has just gotten a promotion over there.  Here are excerpts of the press release:

"It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I welcome William Ivie, Jr. to the Baseball Digest family as the new Assignment Editor for 

"His dedication to excellence, passion for the game and ongoing efforts to enhance the tradition of Baseball Digest, all played a role in his being named to the position. 

"That said, he's also an incredible writer and an even better guy. The combination of all these attributes, as well as his diverse background, made this decision one of the easiest I've made since starting last year....."

"Since that day, he has worked tirelessly to advance's commitment to excellence, and has brought together a team of writers to help cover the Cardinals and the rest of the baseball world. 

"The staff; regular contributors Charles Sollars, Matt Wilson, Daniel Shoptaw, featured blogger PH8, not to mention the return of [Aaron] Hooks on a special appearance basis, is a reflection of Ivie's ability to recognize and cultivate talent. He himself checks in regularly with his own commentary on his favorite ball club on the Cardinals pages, offering fans an in-depth preview of every series on the day the series opens. 

"Additionally, Ivie has shown an affinity for baseball's historic moments and has brought that passion alive in his articles for the section here on known as Baseball Digest Classic. Due to his dedication to the game and its rich history, Bill has recently accepted the position of Content Editor for that section as well. 

"As Assignment Editor, Bill will work closely with myself and the current staff to create comprehensive and creative content for, and he will also serve as our "superscout", constantly searching for new talent."

Our congratulations to Bill on his promotion and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the future!

Around The Blogs: Opening Day 2010

Posted on April 6, 2010 at 3:34 PM
I've not done one of these in a long, long time, but with the season upon us, I wanted to highlight some of the posts about yesterday's game.  Because almost everyone will blog on Opening Day.  I mean, even 4thebirds and The Cardinal Virtue came out of hibernation for the day!

It's tough to top CardinalsGM, who actually drove in to Cincy to see the opener.  If there was any town other than St. Louis I'd want to be in on the opener, it'd have to be Cincinnati, who do it up right with a parade and all the works.

Jeff at 5 O'Clock Blogger got his series preview up a bit late, so he added in his thoughts on yesterday's game.  Hopefully Adam Wainwright can keep up the momentum tomorrow and get the series win out of the way.

Cards Diaspora blows the lid off of the first rule of baseball: Thou shalt not pitch to Pujols.

Short and long: The McBrayer-Baseball Blog has up a paragraph recap of the game, while Bird Brained did a running blog of the whole thing.

Mike over at Stan Musial's Stance reminds us about 2006 and not to worry if Carpenter and Wainwright drop off a little bit.

Dan at Viva El Birdos notes that perfection is still possible and looks at what we learned from yesterday's contest.

Redbirds Rap makes sure to preserve the box score as well as give him impressions of the first game of the year.

The newest member of the United Cardinal Bloggers (as in, joined just minutes ago!) gives their take on yesterday at Redbird Report.

I mentioned Blake's Redbird Insider report in the first post of the day, but didn't want to leave it out in this roundup.

Nick has brought back Redbird Reveille this year, getting you caught up on all the salient aspects of the day that was.

Ryne over at Redbird Rants poses the question, can Albert hit 60 this year?  You wonder. With a healthy elbow and a healthy lineup, perhaps that's not that far-fetched.

I honestly can't imagine how excited Sarah got when Yadier Molina's homer cleared the wall.  I'm really surprised there wasn't a whole post just on that.

When you want the stats to go with the show, you always turn to Pip, who doesn't disappoint.  Side note: Pip is going to be assisting in Cardinal live game chats on this year, so congrats to him!

Scott's View From The Cheap Seats sums up today, though: An off-day?  Really?

Good stuff all along the Cardinal blogosphere.  The hype and pagentry are put aside now, with the grind starting tomorrow.  But yesterday was definitely worth a look back.

Around the Blogs: Year End Edition

Posted on December 30, 2008 at 9:11 AM
When you can't come up with something original to say, steal from those who do.  Let's see what everyone else is talking about.

This whole gimmick is inspired, in part, by the fact that Fungoes' 12 Days of Christmas is going on right now.  It's a holiday tradition that I've been reading for a couple of years and find it entertaining and informative all at the same time!  Pip does a heck of a job with these, so check it out.

The guys over at Future Redbirds are revealing their top prospect list.  Today, it's numbers four through six.  In related news, the Cardinal minor league system has moved up to number eight in the Baseball America rankings, an impressive result since they were dead last just a few years ago.  While the change in personnel and focus is the major cause of that, I think Future Redbirds should get a little credit as well.  It's helped the fan base stay informed and demanding better results, plus I wouldn't be surprised if those front office types don't check FR to confirm (or challenge) their own thinking on a prospect.

The lack of activity has riled up Bugs and Cranks, taking their ire out on the ownership group.  I think that case would be stronger if there was just this flurry of activity and the Cardinals weren't any part of it.  But before the winter meetings, the Cards were one of the more active teams.  Since then, not much has happened (save the Yankees buying all the good players, but that has nothing to do with St. Louis ownership).  It'd be nice to see some activity but I'm far from applying the "greedy" tag to them.

La Beisbolista has continued her "John Mozeliak goes shoe shopping" series.  Johnny Boy finally gets him a new pair, but not the way you expect.

The Redbird Blog tackles the ownership question as well, using a Bernie Mikalsz column as a jumping off point.  I'm in agreement that the moves made so far, coupled with the economic uncertainty, make sense from a competitive standpoint.

With the news of the improvement in the minor league strength of the Redbirds, Viva El Birdos takes a look at the top prospects of 2005, the year of the draft that signaled a change in approach.  And, as a longtime reader of Dan's last blog, it's nice to see that Chris Lambert knew where to find him.

Lots of different stories at the Cardinal section of Bleacher Report.  There's a comparison of the Astros and Cardinals, a discussion about how long Albert Pujols will be a Cardinal, and, yes, another blogger blaming ownership.

Though he's not a part of the UCB (yet), Brian Walton is taking a look at the year's top stories.  He goes beyond the Top 5 you'll see in this space tomorrow, though, as he has #11-15 up at the moment.

And, of course, you can always talk Cardinals at CardsClubhouse.

That'll do it for our trip around the blogs.  Check back tomorrow as we close down 2008 with the UCB project and get ready for 2009.

Around the Blogs: Walls Crashing Down

Posted on September 18, 2008 at 12:33 PM
It's been, overall, a good season for the Cards, but the last few weeks have been on the rough side.  Touring around the blogs...........

Even CardinalNationGlobe has given up the ghost on this year.  One of the last to succumb, but as he points out, "you have win against the teams in your division come September if you want to make the playoffs and the Cards weren't able to do that."

Trey and John over at The Cardinal Virtue haven't posted since Sunday, but they were on the ledge then.  I can't imagine that they are still clinging to any postseason hopes.

Tom at CardinalsGM invokes a little Johnny Cash and takes management to task.  Obviously, I'm not excited about how September has played out, but it doesn't minimize how the rest of the season was in my book.

Without Fungoes, you may not have realized that a title besides batting average is being fought over by Albert Pujols and Chipper Jones.  Last night didn't help Pujols in that regard, either.

You'd think things on the minor league scene would be a little slower with those seasons wrapped up, but Future Redbirds has three separate posts up today.  One is about the Cardinals buying the Memphis franchise (more on that later), one indicating that Niko Vazquez isn't feeling the love from some prospect raters, and one about those prospects heading to the Hawaiian Winter League. If you want to keep with how players are doing in winter ball, FR is your place.

It's possible Mike did go play in traffic, because he's not updated Mike On The Cards in about a week.  Then again, there's not exactly been a lot of good stuff to update it with.

Remember I said that we'd revisit the Memphis topic?  (If not, wake up!  It's only been a couple of paragraphs!)  Pitchers Hit Eighth has done a great job looking at this issue.  It does look like the only holdup is that Memphis is a non-profit organization, but I bet they'll figure all that out before next season gets underway.

More after the jump..............

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Around the Blogs: Cracks Are Showing

Posted on May 14, 2008 at 2:34 PM
The Cards are in a slump at the moment, having lost six of seven.  That has affected the tone in some quarters of the blogosphere (Mike on the Cards says they're in a funk and Redbird Ramblings would prefer not to discuss it), but that's not what everyone's talking about.

A point of discussion about last night's game is the usage of Ron Villone.  Stan Musial's Stance really can't figure out why he was out there instead of McClellan.  I'm not sure what LaRussa's thought process was, but it's better than the silly idea that he hates rookies, a meme I'm quite tired of.

The Red Baron, in his weekly Wednesday fill-in for lboros at VEB, hands out some first quarter grades.  There's not much to disagree with here.  I might bump the starting pitching down to a B and the relief corp up to a C-, but that's a judgment call.  Suffice it to say, though, that the bullpen has been the disappointment of the first portion of the season.  I know he grades down the middle infield, but really, we are getting what we expected out of these guys and maybe a little more.

Speaking of, the back of the Cardinal bullpen has been under scrutiny recently.  Fungoes shows that Jason Isringhausen really hasn't been quite as bad as we thought, just unlucky.  It'll be interesting to see if Izzy gets back into the closer role and if that luck will start to even out.

The Cardinal Virtue has his take on the rumored Jim Edmonds to the Cubs bit.  I wrote about that in today's main post and I agree with what John says here for the most part.  I'd like to think Edmonds would have enough of the love for the 'Lou to turn down a Chicago invite, but if that's the only place that's offering and you still want to play, it's hard to fault the guy.  Get Up, Baby! has the reaction many Cardinal and Cub fans are having over the news.

CardinalsGM ponders trading Chris Duncan.  I've honestly got no problem with trading him off, even though I think he gets a little more of the blame than he should at times.  That last name can be a double edged sword.  But if someone would give us good value for a Duncan/Reyes package, I'd do it.

As always, when you want to know something about the Cardinal minor league system, you head to Future Redbirds.  It was the first place I went this morning when I read that Stuart Pomeranz had been released, though Eric hasn't touched much on that.  (Redbirds Fun does have part of the article over there, though.) But the three up/three down feature is back and you always need to read the Daily Farm Report.

Don at The Redbird Blog goes the miscellaneous route as well, pointing out some stories you might not have seen other places.

A couple of good posts over at Rockin' the Red.  First off, some ideas for shaking up the lineup, as well as what some trade targets are doing.  Kujo would like to see Chris Perez and Joe Mather come north and help out the big squad, especially if that meant Duncan was moved.  However, in Mozeliak's chat today at the PD, he indicated that no moves with Duncan are planned at this time.  Not that he'd say if there were, but it comes across as not something they want to do.

Also, Kujo looks at the cost/benefit of signing Rasmus long-term.  With the price of young talent the way it is, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to do a deal similar to what Tampa Bay did with Longoria, but I'm still of the camp that he should play at least a year before you start thinking about long-term extensions.

The professionals are weighing in as well.  Derrick Goold looks at some of the advanced metrics in relation to Pujols's baserunning (something that had been discussed anecdotally at CCH) while Matthew Leach tossed out some tidbits yesterday, including the information about Mark Mulder's last workout.

To pull it back full circle, check out THEblindhomer Sees for his Pittsburgh preview/recap.

If I didn't get your blog in here, I'm sorry.  If I don't have your link, add it to the comments (and add mine to your rolls!)  I've been tinkering with the blog links recently.  If you scroll all the way down, I've even added some non-baseball links.  If there's something I'm missing, let me know!

Around the Blogs: A Blazing Start

Posted on April 8, 2008 at 2:33 PM
I may try to make this a semi-regular activity, linking up what the other quality blogs in Cardinal Nation and elsewhere.  There's a lot of good stuff out there.  You probably have seen some of it, but in case you are missing out, let me point out a few things I found interesting.

Not surprisingly, the tone in the Cardinal blogosphere is, for the most part, pretty upbeat after a 5-1 homestand to begin the year.  Witness Stan Musial's Stance, for example.  It's a good wrapup of all that went right for the Cardinals in their first week of 2008.

The Redbird Blog did a little schedule analysis and figured an 18-11 record at the end of April would be pretty reasonable, with 20-9 not out of the question.  Imagine that kind of April, with the team then fortified with Joel Pineiro and Mark Mulder coming back.  If they show they can have success and Mozeliak is then able to trade off some pitching for some offense, people might have to take the Cardinals a little more seriously.

Rockin' the Red, sporting a bit of a new look, has a good look at the patience Cardinal hitters are showing so far this year. Having batters on base when the thumpers get to the plate can only bode well for the Cardinal offense this season.  There's a long way to go and we can't be sure that this is a continuing trend, but it definitely looks like a positive development.

Mike on the Cards has a look at last night's game, plus the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition.  Not being a drinker myself, that doesn't make much impact on me save the fact that beer money has fueled the Cardinals throughout my entire life.  So a toast to that!

CardinalNationGlobe points out how much he enjoys watching Brian Barton playTold you he'd become a fan favorite!

Not everything is great in the Nation following the hot start.  Some raised expectations have created some ugly scenes when things go south.

You want good sabermetric discussion of the Cardinals, eventually everyone goes to Fungoes.  Pip takes a statistical look at the Cardinals' starting rotation and whether it has been as good as we think.

A new look for the premier Cardinal minor league blog on the web, but the same great content at Future Redbirds.  Check it out daily for the Daily Farm Report.  In today's, you'll find that the Cardinals are moving around Pete Kozma (for reasons not quite understood) and that Memphis had their hitting shoes on last night.

Matthew Leach doesn't have his tidbits up for today yet, but keep checking his blog for them.  Being the beat writer for the Cardinals for, he usually has info before almost anyone else.  Same goes for Derrick Goold and Bird Land, who did a nice live blog from last night's game.

View From the Cheap Seats takes a whack at the Dave Duncan/Kevin Slaten controversy.  Not being a St. Louisian, I don't hear Slaten, but what I hear from word of mouth isn't good.  From looking over the transcript of the call, it definitely appears like an ambush and that's not good radio, in my opinion.

Check out the Team Audit from Baseball Prospectus.  All you need to know about the Cards in one handy-dandy stop.  Very rare to see a hitter besides Pujols at the top of the VORP standings.

Reading Joe Posnanski is a treat, no matter what topic (well, topics) he's writing on.  Today's entry references the new book he's writing about the Big Red Machine, last night's basketball game, and Joe Morgan.  (Love that the entry title is a takeoff of one of my favorite sites.)  Along the same vein (and what is it about the Royals having great writers with unpronounceable last names as fans?), check out Rany Jazayerli and his thoughts about the Royals.  Yeah, those above .500 Royals.  They're going to surprise some people.

You want awards?  The Hardball Times has them.  Maybe they aren't the mainstream ones, but who could turn down "The Harmon Killebrew Batting Average Is For Wussies Award"?

That should give you plenty to examine.  If you've got any other links, put them in the comments.  I'm always interested in finding new blogs!

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