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UCB Project: 2013 American League Predictions

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 1:00 PM
It's that time of year again.  When hope is new, the grass smells clean, and people foolishly put down what they think will happen in the baseball season to come.  The United Cardinal Bloggers are no different.

Every year we take a crack at these things.  Sometimes it goes pretty well--Pittsburgh's late fade last year kept me from nailing them being third and over the .500 mark.  Sometimes it goes disastrously--I had Boston winning the AL East last year.  Yeah, that was pretty much bad from the get-go.

However, terrible performances don't stop us from trying it again anyway.  (Kinda like Mike Matheny continuing to use Victor Marte last year.)  So we'll do it again on the same kinda schedule--the entire American League today, then each division in the National League gets a day before wrapping it up on Friday with postseason predictions and awards.

Since we hardly pay attention to the American League--we all know real baseball lets a pitcher hit, don't we?--let's try to make a quick pass through there today.  If you want to use these as a guide, odds are you better figure the opposite is really going to happen!
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A-Thumping We Will Go

Posted on February 27, 2013 at 7:01 AM
You know that on those spring road trips, a lot of the regulars pull rank and don't have to go.  It gives them rest and it avoids any stiff backs or any other bus-related injuries.  So yesterday's lineup had no Allen Craig, no Matt Holliday, no Carlos Beltran, no Yadier Molina.  It also had absolutely no problems.

Matt Adams, dealing with his own nagging injuries, pinch-hit a three-run home run as the only long ball from the Cards on the day, but they were still able to put up double digits in a 15-4 rout of the Red Sox.  Tony Cruz had a three-run double (off of old friend Clayton Mortensen), Ryan Jackson (who has fairly inexplicably in my book been playing first the last couple of days) drove in two with a single, and Oscar Taveras had three hits and scored two runs, plus showed his speed and played a solid center field all game long.  Of course, this would have been the one game not covered by any broadcasting outlet!

The mound work was good as well, but most of that was focused on the starter.  Jaime Garcia (on the road even, if that matters in spring training) was efficient, pitching two innings and not allowing a run.  Afterwards, he admitted he was "excited" about being able to come off the mound with good results and no pain.  For all the doubts most of us had--and somewhat still have--about Garcia not having surgery and being able to pitch effectively with just rehab, this helped take a bit of the edge off.  Nothing this spring has shown that the shoulder problems will flare up again, so we'll take that as good news.

Speaking of injuries that most of us wondered about this winter, Rafael Furcal thinks that he can play by this weekend.  Furcal says he feels comfortable, but I still don't think any of us, Furcal included, know what's going to happen the first time he spears one in the hole and has to make a strong throw to first.  Will he go out there at 70% speed?  Can a player really do that?  We'll watch and see, but if this was a Star Wars movie, I think this is about the time when someone would be saying they have a bad feeling about this.

Shelby Miller will also make his spring debut this weekend, following Adam Wainwright to the mound on Saturday.  Miller, whose shoulder tightness might have been the equivalent to a Florida rainstorm--it popped up quickly, came down hard, then passed before you knew it--looks to throw about 40 pitches.  Mike Matheny has said that Miller won't be penalized in the fifth starter race because he missed an outing.  (Probably helped that Trevor Rosenthal struggled in his and Joe Kelly hasn't gone yet.)  I still think Miller has the inside track for that last spot, but obviously nothing is guaranteed.

Classy moment by the Red Sox yesterday as they held a moment of silence for Stan Musial before the game.  The Red Sox know what it is like to lose icons--Johnny Pesky died just last summer--and their respect for Stan is appreciated.

Cardinals head down to Port St. Lucie today to take on the New York Mets in a game that should be televised on MLB Network.  Lance Lynn will take the mound for the Cardinals, showing off that trim physique of his--I saw a commenter somewhere call him Lance Lean--and hopefully corralling a Mets team that has dropped two of three so far this spring.

Before the game, please fill out your Cardinal Approval Ratings if you've not done so.  I've got about 45 responses and I'm looking for 60 or so before the week is done.  Also, I'm still looking for feedback on the new theme song for the podcast (it's introduced around 1:15-1:20 into the last show).  Finally, today's Playing Pepper will be with the Cleveland squad, so be sure to come back for that this afternoon!

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Playing Pepper 2013: Boston Red Sox (Part 2)

Posted on February 23, 2013 at 2:15 PM
For the fifth straight year, Playing Pepper returns to C70 At The Bat.  If you aren't aware, this series helps get a feel for the other 29 teams in baseball by asking those that follow them the closest--their bloggers.  We've got spring training action going, so it's time to play a little pepper.  

Boston Red Sox
69-93, fifth in the AL East

We looked at the Red Sox earlier in the week, but due to real life constraints I had a blogger that wanted to participate but couldn't get his responses to me before the post went to print.  It's a credit to him that he still wanted to spend the time to get his answers in.

You may remember Peter Schiller and his Baseball Reflections site from when I occasionally contributed Cardinal writings over there a few years back.  Peter and I have stayed in touch (he republished my Stan Musial piece over there after Stan's passing) and, knowing how big of a Red Sox fan that he is, I wanted to make sure he got his two cents in.  Find Peter @BbalReflections and see his responses below.

C70: How would you grade the offseason?

BR: A "B"; but I like what they seem to be trying to do. It seems like they're taking a page out of the Patriots book by going after good clubhouse players rather than just the best guys on the market.

C70: What are the expectations for this club throughout the fan base, besides much less drama than the last couple of years?

BR: The best anyone within reason is giving the club is possibly a second wild card slot. Maybe 88 or so wins.

C70: Who do you expect to be the most pleasant surprise to be for the coming year?

BR: The defense of Shane Victorino in RF, but that's only because most Boston fans (in my opinion) underestimate his defense even though he's a gold glover. He's a perfect fit for Boston (a Trot Nixon with less power, more speed & a better arm). He's a dirt dog!

C70: What rookie will make the biggest impact in 2013?

C70: What will be the final record of the team and where will they finish in the division?

BR: 88 - 74; Third in the AL East.

C70: What one thing from your team are you looking forward to watching?

BR: The re-emergence of Jon Lester as a top pitcher in the AL and in the top 5 in Ks.

My thanks to Peter for taking time out to respond and our best wishes for an exciting 2013!
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Playing Pepper 2013: Boston Red Sox

Posted on February 21, 2013 at 2:30 PM
For the fifth straight year, Playing Pepper returns to C70 At The Bat.  If you aren't aware, this series helps get a feel for the other 29 teams in baseball by asking those that follow them the closest--their bloggers.  We've got spring training action going, so it's time to play a little pepper.  

Boston Red Sox
69-93, fifth in the AL East

After the drama of the Collapse of 2011, you had to figure that Boston was ready to put that behind them.  The change in managers seemed to play into their favor, as Bobby Valentine's reputation (at least the positive part of it) was that he could turn around a team and not wear out his welcome for a few years at least.

Instead, 2012 was a year to forget for Red Sox Nation.  Valentine twerked off players and fans before the end of spring training, the team fractured in the clubhouse, half of them were shipped off to the newly free-spending Dodgers at the trade deadline, and Bobby V is now an ex-manager.  There's always something up there, isn't there?

To tell us just what kind of drama 2013 has in store, I've brought together a fine array of bloggers to talk about the squad.  First up is Steve Peterson, author of BoSox Injection over at the FanSided blog network.  You can also find Steve on Twitter @petersonstephen.  Next, we have Rebecca Binder of the extremely-well-named Fenway Fatales on the Aerys Sports blog network, who can be found on Twitter @rabinder

Then we have Ruben Lipszyc from the Canadian blog Red Sox Nation-Alberta and the Twitter account @RSN_Alberta.  Ruben's an old pro at this, as is our last participant.  You may remember Christine E. from Episode 20 of Conversations With C70, but she's slightly better known as the Baseball Blogger Alliance's Boston Chapter president and author of Boston Red Thoughts.  You can find Christine on Twitter @bostonredthots.

Keep reading to see what Red Sox fans are thinking about 2013 and if there is any new blood coming along to help out.
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UCB Prediction Week, Part I: American League

Posted on March 26, 2012 at 11:30 AM
Every year about this time, the United Cardinal Bloggers take aim at their predictions for the upcoming season.  It's a great way to look at the divisions, get a feel for what is going on, and write down picks that you will be trying to scrub from any internet search engine by probably July.

I'm far from an expert, so take all of these picks with a grain of salt.  There are few gut picks that don't have a lot of basis in reality, so feel free to take that into consideration when reading them.

Since the American League doesn't really matter as much, we at the UCB just lump it all into one day.  So keep reading to see how I pick the divisions to shake out.
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The Late Game Magic Still Lingers

Posted on March 16, 2012 at 7:38 AM
Of course, coming from behind in a spring training game doesn't have the magical allure that similar rallies last September and October had.  There's a strong chance that nothing in our lifetimes will be as magical as that, though, so it's a high bar to clear.  Doesn't matter what the situation, though, a late-game rally always is a good thing to see.

That's just what the Cards did yesterday to the Red Sox.  Trailing 6-4 in the eighth, they put together five runs, led by Shane Robinson's three-run triple.  Robinson is still in the hunt for that last man on the roster, though Erik Komatsu's Rule 5 status and fairly strong spring may complicate that somewhat.  Robinson is hitting .300 this spring, though, and with Allen Craig likely not ready until close to May, having another outfielder on the team is probably going to happen.  I'm still betting on a Memphis trip for him.

Matt Adams hit his second home run of the spring and continues to show why he's probably the top prospect in the system not standing on the mound.  Adams, who is also hitting .300, had a single to go along with that long ball.  I think there are a lot of Cardinal fans anxious to see him in the big leagues and I think he gets there this year, but only later in the season.  There's no reason right now why the Cards should rush him past AAA.

The offense banged out 15 hits yesterday, but the pitching staff had some troubles enjoying that bounty.  Kyle Lohse didn't make it through his projected four innings, leaving after allowing a home run to Darnell McDonald.   Lohse admitted after the game he didn't have his best stuff, which I guess is somewhat encouraging.  You'd almost think with the problems he was describing he'd have been hit around more, especially by a good lineup like Boston has.

Mike Matheny has been wanting to get J.C. Romero into situations that he'll be in during the season, facing a strong left-handed hitter with the game in the balance.  He was able to do that Thursday, but the results weren't exactly what he was hoping for.  It sounds like the Cards aren't completely committed to the two-lefty bullpen that we've gotten familiar with, which is a definite change from the past.  Granted, Kyle McClellan can get lefties out when he's on (which he seemed to be yesterday, locking down the save), so you have that flexibility, but I'm still thinking unless Romero really bombs in the spring, they at least start the year with him in the bullpen.

Off the field, the biggest news of yesterday was that Craig took some batting practice for the first time this spring.  Craig says he feels good and that he doesn't need to hold back, but the club is a little iffy on that.  With less than three weeks (wait, is that right?  Less than three weeks until the season?) until Opening Day, the odds of him being ready to go in that game against the Marlins is pretty slim.  On the upside for the fans in the Springfield area, that probably means it's more likely that he'll play in that exhibition game against the AA team the day before the season opener.  So that could be a silver lining for some folks.

Chris Carpenter update: Still playing catch, still not having any soreness.  I wouldn't be surprised to see him start maybe Monday or Tuesday, which apparently would be about the latest he could back to work and still be ready for that opener down in Miami.

Playing Pepper will be a little bit earlier today.  We've got the Oakland team taking its cuts today and look forward to sharing that with you.  Pepper's on deck, and the Smith Regional of the All-Time Cardinal Team Tournament is in the hole.  That'll be up mid-morning and the polls will be open until Sunday at 8 PM.  Come back and check that out, because it's going to be a blast!  I70 and PH8 already have theirs up, if you've not voted!

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That's Our First Winner!

Posted on March 9, 2012 at 6:58 AM
I don't think there were any champagne celebrations or any Gatorade showers, but Mike Matheny is now the proud owner of a "1" in the win column on his managerial record.  Well, any managerial record that shows spring results, which is pretty much none of them, but quit trying to ruin the moment, will ya?

Before we talk about all the positives out of the 9-3 win over Boston, you have to say it was a little bit disappointing to see Mitchell Boggs implode in his first time out.  Given a three-run lead, Boggs did his best magician act and made it disappear, helping the cause with a couple of walks.  The walks are the worst part, because being that we couldn't watch the game (though it was on KMOX), we don't know how windy it was and other related issues.  Walks, though, they'll get you every time and that's something you can't see from a reliever.

I've speculated before that the last slot on the pitching staff may be between Boggs and Lance Lynn.  Of course, Lynn hasn't been perfect this spring either, so the competition may still be close, but that's not the first impression Boggs wanted to give.

That said, the Cardinal offense was rolling yesterday, especially in the six-run eighth.  Before that, it was Matt Adams coming through again with a three-run triple (something you wouldn't expect with a man that size) to give them the lead Boggs eventually relinquished.

It's been a lot of fun to see Adams mash this spring.  He's probably had the biggest offensive impact so far, what with a grand slam to go along with his results from yesterday.  He's hitting .417 in the four games so far, which makes you drool when you put that with his power.  That said, it's the first few games of spring.  What's the phrase Tony La Russa used to use?  Never fall in love early in the spring?  That probably applies here, though there's no doubt Adams is a talent that's making an impact.

I continue to maintain he's going to Memphis, but I think there is a way that he starts the season in St. Louis.  That's a technicality, though.  I could, in theory, see that if Allen Craig was only supposed to be out two weeks and Adams had this outstanding spring, the Cards take him north for the two weeks then send him down for regular play once Craig is healthy.  Then again, that is service time and that may cause a complication the Cardinals don't want to get into.  It's a very small chance, but you can't say for 100% certain that he's Memphis-bound.  99.8%, maybe.

Adron Chambers had a big day, going three for four.  Chambers would be a fun player to have around in a bench role, but again, I think the Cards probably want him playing on a regular basis, and there are already going to be four outfielders vying for time once Craig returns.  Shane Robinson also had a bases-clearing double in the eighth, padding the lead into secure territory.

On the pitching side of things, Jaime Garcia seemed to come out on a mission.  Four strikeouts in just two perfect innings is a remarkable occurrence and makes for the tantalizing possibility that Garcia is going to be more focused and tap into his talent more this year.  It's just two innings so you can't draw any conclusions, but to have him rocking and rolling behind the two big guys could make for a lot of winning streaks this summer.

Eduardo Sanchez looks good in the box score as well.  He had two innings and four strikeouts, though he did have a couple of walks as well.  Still, it appears he's back to the Sanchez we saw before the injury and, if so, he's going to be an incredible weapon in the seventh or eighth innings this season.

Of course, the news wasn't all good coming out of Cardinal camp.  Chris Carpenter is dealing with neck stiffness and doesn't know when he'll pitch in a game yet.  He's penciled in for one of the split squad games, but that's sounding kinda iffy.  It doesn't sound like it's a major deal and you'd much rather hear about Carpenter's neck than his elbow or shoulder, but it's still something worth monitoring.  Hopefully he'll be able to shake that off and move forward in the spring.  If nothing else, it'll curtail the innings he's throwing in Florida, which was the plan anyway.  That also may mean Shelby Miller will get another start with the big club before being sent over to minor league camp.

Speaking of that, the Cards made their first cuts on Thursday.  Nothing too surprising, but Kolten Wong and Tyrell Jenkins were among the names heading over to that side of the complex.  That doesn't mean we've seen the last of them, of course, as sometimes minor league players get called over to play a game here and there when there's a need.

Today is the widely anticipated return of Adam Wainwright to the center of the diamond and, by happy coincidence, he's also the player we examine on our last day of the approval ratings.  Wainwright's got quite a following in St. Louis, which is no surprise when you are a genial player who has two top-3 finishes in Cy Young voting.

Even with the injury, we still love Waino.  He had eight perfect scores and garnered a 91.9% mark, which is the highest of any player we've looked at this year.  That score is actually down a bit from the 94-95 range that he's used to, but a number of people factored in the injury and the uncertainty about what he'd be like when he returned.  If he has a Wainwright-like season, I expect that to be back to normal next year.

From one extreme to the other, as our media member of the day is Joe Strauss.  It can't be denied that Strauss is a good reporter and often has things before other outlets.  That said, hmmm, how do I say this diplomatically?  Perhaps that his personality tends to rub people the wrong way, especially when you follow him on Twitter.  You, gentle reader, can fill in whatever wording you like to explain that phenomenon.

Anyway, Strauss must be growing on some people because he registered a 67.7% mark this season, up about 10 points from where he was last year.  While there were a number of people that gave him a zero, there were a fair number of people that had him in the nineties, perhaps giving more credence to what he does than how he does it.

When I was putting these together, I wanted nine in each category, since nine's a good baseball number.  The players were easy.  The media was pretty easy.  However, this last category took some work.  After rating management and rating our former members, there was still one slot left.

So I decided to get feedback on what the readership thought (if they did) about our merry band of United Cardinal Bloggers.  This fall will mark the fifth anniversary of our founding and I thought it'd be good to see if we have a high opinion among those that read and know about us.

I'm not sure the experiment was a success, as almost half of the respondents to the survey left that one blank, much higher than any other person on the ballot.  Of those that did respond, though, the group managed a 78.9% mark with about five perfect scores.  It is always gratifying, though, to have comments such as "I think they have the potential of being irreplaceable" and that was are "MOSTLY knowledgeable and educated Cardinal fans."

Happy Wainwright Day to you all!  Waino's facing the Twins and the game will be on their radio station if you have MLB GameDay Audio.  Look forward to seeing what he can do!

Playing Pepper 2012: Boston Red Sox

Posted on February 23, 2012 at 11:30 AM
In 2009, I decided to get a feel for other teams around baseball by asking bloggers for those teams some questions about their squad.  Not only has this series been very popular, but it spawned the Baseball Bloggers Alliance.  With camps opening up again and spring training getting into gear, it's time once again to play a little pepper.

Boston Red Sox
90-72, third in the AL East

Just a couple of days ago, we took a look at the Braves and talked about how they went into September absolutely assured of a playoff slot, only to miss out on the last day.  However, their collapse was overshadowed somewhat by one happening in the middle of the media focus of the world.

Boston started off 2011 terribly, then roared to life.  Going into September they had a 9.5 game lead over Tampa Bay.  Then, as Tampa Bay started to win, everything went wrong for the Red Sox, culminating in a walk-off loss to Baltimore on the last day of the season, moments before Evan Longoria sent the Rays into October.

The turmult wasn't over after the last pitch.  A scathing article was written about the clubhouse atmosphere, resulting in the most times "fried chicken" and "Red Sox" have been in the same sentence since Wade Boggs retired.  Terry Francona was fired and Theo Epstein left to see if he could get the Cubs into the World Series (and assure himself of a Hall of Fame slot if so).

Which means that there's been a lot for our panel of Red Sox bloggers, all of whom are members of the BBA, to ponder the last few months.  Thankfully, they were willing to share it with us.

Cyn Donnelly writes for Toeing The Rubber on a regular basis and can be found on Twitter at, not surprisingly, toeingtherubber.  Ruben Lipszyc follows the BoSox from a foreign land and writes Red Sox Nation - Alberta.  He's on Twitter at RSN_Alberta.  Finally, Allan Wood is the original BBAer (after myself) with his blog The Joy of Sox, also written from a Canadian locale.

Read on to talk about last year's collapse and what to expect from a member of the starting rotation.
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Happily Ever After

Posted on October 30, 2011 at 1:37 AM
Once upon a time, there was a baseball team.

This baseball team wasn't the richest team, though it wasn't poor by any means.  It wasn't the strongest team and it wasn't by any means the fastest team.  It wasn't even considered the best team within its region, much less in all the land.

This team had many players that made up its merry band.  It had the Warrior, who could battle teams with amazing firepower and also could undermine them with guts and guile, depending on the situation.  It had the Young Gun, a man who started building his legend early and then continued to develop it.

There was the Legend, one known far and wide as the most intimidating, the most amazing, the most everything of players.  Aiding the Legend was the Hired Hand, imported indirectly from the mountain tribes to help the Legend in his times of trial.  To go along with these two was the Rival, a man that had started out as a fierce member of an opposing tribe, only to become a trusted member of this team.

There were others, of course.  The Local, the Phenom, the Lefty, the Poet, the Gunslinger, the Finisher.  All sorts of names and characters made up this unique team.

Every year, the Lords of Baseball held a contest in the fall of the year, when the leaves were changing and the north winds began to blow.  This contest was to see just which team would be able to hold the title of Best Team and feast on the adoration of those that followed these brave and intrepid men.  Teams came from far and wide, down long and winding roads, to get to the tournament, well knowing that only eight of them would be allowed inside the gates once they arrived at their destination.

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Spring Love

Posted on March 9, 2011 at 7:40 AM
The old baseball saying is, never fall in love too early in spring.  A day after a rough outing for Lance Lynn, Brandon Dickson had one of his own.

Dickson worked through a couple of innings just fine, but that third inning was a disaster and enough to cost the Cardinals the game.  As with Lynn, there was an error behind him, but still, allowing five runs overall and four in the eighth isn't going to help him unseat Kyle McClellan.  The second time out for both major challengers to McClellan was a shaky one, so if he comes out with another strong performance this time around, it could be he all but slams the door on the opportunity.

That old saying has to be recalled with another Cardinal prospect as well, since Matt Carpenter is just tearing up the Grapefruit League.  Another great day at the plate, as he went three for three and drove in a run with a walk, plus he played some very solid defense.  Obviously, Carpenter is going to start in Memphis, but if I were Nick Punto, I'd be rehabbing about as hard as I could.  If Freese goes down, right now it looks like Carpenter could step in and get the team through.

Mixed day for Nick Stavinoha, who is trying to make a longshot bid to make the team.  Two hits off the bench does you right, but missing home plate on a headfirst slide when you are the tying run late in the game....that doesn't.  There's not much room for Stavinoha anyway, as noted by the fact he's learning how to catch to up his value.

Jaime Garcia wasn't great either yesterday, continuing what's been a bit of a rough spring by going three innings, but allowing three walks and three runs in that time period and throwing 63 pitches.  Garcia has been able to work out of some jams--just allowing three runs with as many baserunners as he had yesterday is something--but he's got to more efficient with his pitches.  The bullpen can't be going 3-4 innings for him and 3-4 for McClellan on a regular basis.

There's a story in the Post-Dispatch talking about the Cardinals' outfield defense, Honestly, the outfield defense hasn't even been a consideration for me.  Matt Holliday did very well out there last year, Colby Rasmus is still learning but is above-average out there, and while I don't expect much out of Lance Berkman save catching the balls he can get to, Jon Jay and Allen Craig should fill in fine in the late innings.  With this groundball staff, I'm much more concerned about the lack of range for Ryan Theriot and Skip Schumaker than I am about Lance Berkman.

Let's get to today's Approval Ratings, shall we?

Going into, the fanbase didn't quite know what to make of Matt Holliday.  He'd only been a Cardinal for the last half of the season and one of the last memories they had of him was dropping the fly ball in the NLDS.  He had resigned with the Cards, which helped him, and he tallied a 84.5%, which was pretty solid.

Holliday had a slow start last year, but came along and became a great addition to the lineup.  That was reflected in this year's scoring, as he moved all the way up to 91.1%, getting a mention from all 62 voters.  I personally rang up a 97 for him, because he's done just about everything you can expect out of a major signing like that.  Some other comments were that he was one of the only ones that displayed putting their personal best into every game and that he's given all we could ask for.  One voter even expects him to be the face of the franchise in 2012.

Tony La Russa always draws his share of criticism and controversy, and it's no surprise that all 62 voted on TLR as well.  Last year, La Russa had ticked upwards and moved over the 80% level, but whether it was because of a different mix of voters, a missed October in 2010, or his comments about the Pujols situation, he freefalled (freefell?) this year to 70.8%.  I've always been more on the Tony bandwagon, rating him at a 90 this year.  Others were not so generous, with some mentioning that he's worn out his welcome.  Even those that were pro-La Russa, that believed he always wanted to win, said he drove them nuts at times.

Finally, our media member is Rick Horton.  Normally, I wouldn't have put Horton in this list, but with the news that he will be basically a third equal member of the Fox Sports Midwest broadcasting team, doing play by play with Al Hrabosky and color with Dan McLaughlin, it seemed a good idea to get a feel for what Cardinal Nation thought about him.

While it could have been much worse, it wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement.  Horton wound up with a 72.2% mark.  The strongest comment in favor of him was that he "wasn't as bad as people make him out to be."  I personally gave him an 84, because I'm a generous grader and he could be much worse, but I will say I was not enthused when I heard for the FSMW announcement.

Cards and Braves are playing two today, with a B game this morning and the regular game at the regular time.  It's on Braves radio, so fire up your MLB At Bat app or head over to to listen to it.

I'm on the UCB Radio Hour tonight, regular time, regular place.  Join me and let's talk Cardinal baseball!





You can also hear Conversations With C70, along with other great podcasts, at Baseball

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2008 Top Hero: Albert Pujols (25)

Jon Jay (6)
David Freese (5)
Mitchell Boggs (4)
Joe Kelly (4)
Pete Kozma (4)
Matt Carpenter (3)
Allen Craig (3)
Daniel Descalso (3)
Jaime Garcia (3)
Yadier Molina (3)
Matt Adams (2)
Carlos Beltran (2)
Matt Carpenter (2)
Matt Holliday (2)
Lance Lynn (2)
Seth Maness (1)
Shane Robinson (1)
Fernando Salas (1)
Adam Wainwright (1)
Jake Westbrook (1)

2012 Top Goat: Rafael Furcal (11)
2011 Top Goat: Ryan Theriot (12)
2010 Top Goat: Brendan Ryan (14)
2009 Top Goats: Rick Ankiel and Todd Wellemeyer (13)
2008 Top Goat: Troy Glaus (13)

Cardinal Nation Approval Ratings (March 2013)
Yadier Molina 96.2% (up 8.8%)
Chris Carpenter 89.8% (down 0.3%)
Derrick Goold 89.1% (up 6.3%)
Matt Holliday 88.4% (up 0.9%)
Allen Craig 88.3%
Adam Wainwright 88.2% (down 3.7%)
Jose Oquendo 87.1% (up 2.4%)
Jason Motte 86.9%
John Mozeliak 86.5% (up 1.1%)
United Cardinal Bloggers 85.2% (up 6.3%)
Bill DeWitt 85.1% (up 5.3%)
Mike Shannon 85.1% (down 0.2%)
John Rooney 84.5% (up 3.0%)
Mike Matheny 84.4% (up 3.3%)
David Freese 82.9% (down 2.6%)
Jon Jay 81.8% (up 10.7%)
Lance Berkman 80.6% (down 8.0%)
Jenifer Langosch 79.5%
Lance Lynn 79.5%
Dan McLaughlin 76.0% (up 8.0%)
Jim Hayes 73.0% (up 1.1%)
Ricky Horton 65.5% (down 2.0%)
Jaime Garcia 64.1%
Albert Pujols 59.2% (up 4.3%)
Ballpark Village 58.3%
Joe Strauss 54.3% (down 13.4%)

Tony La Russa 88.2% (up 17.4%)
Mark McGwire 82.6% (up 20.1%)
Skip Schumaker 73.3% (up 9.2%)
B.J. Rains 69.5% (down 0.9%)
Kyle Lohse 68.9% (up 13.8%)
Al Hrabosky 66.4% (up 3.2%)
Colby Rasmus 46.5% (down 35.3%)

Dave Duncan 87.9% (up 0.9%)
Matthew Leach 85.5%
Pop Warner 76.7%
Ryan Franklin 72.8% (up 3.1%)
John Vuch 68.9%
Jeff Luhnow 66.4%
Dan Lozano 58.7%

Rick Ankiel 83.9%
Chris Duncan 69.1%

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