Good Points of Baseball for American

Good Points of Baseball for AmericanWhen you are talking about United States and Americans, there can be many things to discuss. Of course, this nation has great power in technology and inventions. This become one of the centers in term of inventions and technology and no one will doubt it. However, when it talks about the people of United States, then there can be other things to discuss and baseball is one of them. This sport is very popular among Americans. They love to play this game. Even if they do not play and cannot play this sport, they still love to watch the game. Each match will get its spectacles and audiences, whether they watch the game in stadium or via televisions and other media. Surely, there are great interest in this sport game and this thing cannot be taken lightly since baseball has become part of society and history of this country.

Talking about history, it is not clear when was this game is played for the first time by Americans. Even, its origin is not clear, but some people and sources said that this game has correlation with rounder and crickets. These two games have its own characteristics, but these also share similarities. That is why people think that the games are related each other. Of course, it may be quite confusing when it talks about its history since it is also not fully clear. However, although it is not quite clear about its history, baseball is surely important in society. This game was played some years ago. Even, this game was played by the soldiers of Civil War in their free time to make them relaxed from the pressure of war. Before there is a federation and rules set for this game, this game has become part of societies, whether they live in town or village.

One of the main reasons that make this game so popular is because the game can be played easily. When it was still without clear rules, the game was easy to play. It also did not need special equipment. As long as there were sticks or bar of woods, balls, and large field, this game can be played. Even when there are rules set for this game, it is still easy to play. That is why people in that time loved to play this game. Somehow, this game also shows great spirit of the game. The game shows the spirit of struggles and efforts and this reflects how society survive during the hardest era. That is why this sport is not just a game, but it can also be kind of celebration and this makes this sport always so popular.

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