Major League Baseball: The Records

Major League Baseball The RecordsThe Major League Baseball (MLB) is such a very great baseball competition that you have to attend especially when you want to enjoy the best exciting baseball game. This kind of sport competition will definitely offer you the fabulous entertainment you need to make the boring things away during your spare time. Even, it will never be so bad to invite all of your friends and family members to watch the game whether you want to go to the ballpark or just see it on television. Furthermore, the (MLB) can also offer you the interesting and remarkable records which you can find out below.

Well, one of the notable records is the most wins in a season that is created by Charles Radbourn back in the year of 1884. This great baseball player, who is also known well as Old Hoss, had successfully won up to 59 matches in a season as a pitcher. Even, the best thing about it is that there are no other players that can take the record from him until today. The only player that could almost reach the same level as Radbourn was John Clarkson with 53 wins in the next season. Next, the other record of the MLB is the record of the highest career batting average reached by Ty Cobb. He could hit the ball on the batting average of 3664 during his 24 seasons. Many believe that he had amazing focus every time he had to take the bat. So, it is clear that had created the high standard for any young baseball players who really want to beat him.

So, those are some of the incredible records in American baseball that you have to know. Hopefully, all of them can really make you love this specific sport activity even more. Thus, you will have the better chance to learn about the great legends of MLB from the previous generations.

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