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Links To Pass The Time

Posted on December 28, 2011 at 9:35 AM
Filed Under: St. Louis Cardinals
This time of year, news slows to a crawl.  The big names have signed (well, mostly), clubs are working at less than capacity as people take vacations, and everyone just kinda catches their breath before the push to February and pitchers and catchers reporting.

The Cardinals are no different.  They've had their action, signing Carlos Beltran to replace their departing free agent and save for a discussion of what he brings to the table and how he's going to be used, there's not much else over in the Post-Dispatch sports section.

I've got one more post in me for the year, the United Cardinal Bloggers' regular December project, and that'll go up Friday (if not before).  To pass the time, though, I've received a lot of different links and news in my inbox that I've been meaning to get out there.  This seems like a great time to do it.

--You may remember that I mentioned the raffle that the St. Louis Men's Group Against Cancer was having.  That for a dollar, you can buy a ticket and have a chance to win a spring training trip.  The raffle is still going on, in case you have any Christmas money left over, and the first person that emails me with the subject title Raffle can get 10 free tickets for that drawing.  You should know the email, but if not, it's in the about section of the blog.  First come, first served!

--Michael over at The Grubby Glove wrote a nice piece a couple of weeks back about the passing of Bob Forsch.  It's part of a series about other baseball men that died in 2011, so check out the whole thing, but obviously Forsch is near and dear to our hearts.

--This is a very unique idea and I'm hoping to contribute in some way.  Michael at Old Time Family Baseball is going to have a charity blogathon in the middle of January.  It's to raise awareness and money for Doctors Without Borders and I'm hoping it will be a grand success.  Be sure to check it out!

--I've linked to Gary's cartoons over at 7th Inning Sketch before, but this one strikes home to Cardinal fans.  When you think about it, we never had a chance.

--Chris Jaffe from The Hardball Times always passes along interesting Cardinal tidbits.  This one, from a couple of weeks ago, marked the date when the Cardinals went over .500 as a franchise, a mark they've not slipped under since, nor are likely too anytime soon, given their success.

I think that's all I have in my inbox now, but I suggest you check them all out because there's a lot of good stuff there.  Also, if you are available this evening, Jon Doble and I will be hosting the UCB Radio Hour and doing our year-in-review stuff there.  Should be fun as we talk about all the many and varied stories that have come out of St. Louis this year.

As I say, there's one more post that's scheduled for Friday but I may put up earlier if I have the time.  Otherwise, have a wonderful New Year and we'll chat in 2012!

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Good stuff, sir. Thanks for the links. They were enjoyable to go to.

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