Top 3 Richest Players in Major League Baseball

Top 3 Richest Players in Major League BaseballFor more than 170 years, baseball has become one of the most favorite sport in United State. This sport offers great excitement for its supporter, and promising career for its player. There are many MLB players that earn fortune through this sport and this article will elaborate some of the richest ones.

The information for richest players in MLB can be read on the following list below:
• Alex Rodriguez: he can be considered as one among the athletes that receive highest paid in any sport. During his career, he earned over 325 million dollars, and it’s only from his salary. This man plays for New York Yankees team as the third baseman. He used to play in Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers for a short time. Rodriguez broke some records when he played with Mariners, but he only started to set personal records when he played with Rangers. The net worth of his income is around 300 million dollars, making him the richest baseball player in MLB’s history.

• Derek Jeter: this man comes from New Jersey. Immediately after graduating from high school, her joined minor leagues. He started his journey as shortstop for the opening day of for New York Yankees in 1996. Jeter has won World Series and Rookie of the Year. This man holds the most hits record in Yankee, surpassing the record created by Lou Gehrig in 2009. His success, combined with his clean image brings him a lot of endorsement opportunity. Combining his endorsement deals with his salary, his net worth is around 185 million dollars.

• Ichiro Suzuki: he was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in Kasugai to be exact. The first time he played baseball was when he was seven. He began to join the Pacific League of Japan at the age of 18. Back then, his weird swing was what make him known. He worked it out, and finally joined Blue Wave in 1994. In just a season, he manage to get 200 hits, which later lead him to earn 3 MVPs for 3 consecutive years. He moved to US and signed with Mariners in 2000. In 2012 he moved to Yankees. His stunning career lead him to have approximately 120 million dollars net worth for his income.

The list above already elaborate three richest player in MLB. With so many talented players nowadays, these records may be surpassed anytime soon. However, currently, those three are definitely the richest ones.

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